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5 Signs You Might Need an RPO Partner

February 2, 2023

​Amid concerns about a looming recession, supply chain challenges, and rising inflation, organizations are continuing to face significant talent shortages. At the same time, recruiters are facing mounting pressure to cut costs and deliver better results. So, how can you stay ahead in an increasingly competitive labor market?

While leaders can take many avenues to meet hiring objectives, they often end up with a patchwork of solutions that only address the symptoms of a broken process or strategy. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers take a holistic approach, partnering with your business to understand and overcome both the daily and long-term challenges you face.

But how do you know if your business could benefit from this form of business process outsourcing? Here are five signs you might need an RPO partner:

1. Fluctuating Hiring Demands Cause Disruptions

Whether your organization experiences seasonal hiring challenges, or your demand for talent has varied widely recently, it can be difficult to find the right talent when you need it most. This volatility and the resulting time crunches leads to reactive hiring strategies that cost you more while delivering less. Oftentimes, reactive recruiters end up with low-quality hires that drag down retention rates.

An RPO partner can adapt to your unique hiring needs with on-demand and project-based services for whatever situation you find yourself in. They’ll help you develop a long-term, proactive talent pipeline that delivers highly skilled candidates before your needs become dire.

2. Recruiters Are Overworked With High Turnover

Recruiters play a vital role in selling your business to potential candidates, but they’re increasingly forced to do more with less. As a result, they often turn to external agencies that get paid per hire, incentivizing quick turnarounds over quality talent. This adds to the already growing workloads recruiters must bear, which can lead to high turnover rates for the people you need to build your organization.

When you work with an RPO partner, you won’t have to worry about micromanaging or recruiter churn. RPO is designed to be an extension of your business, consistently supporting your recruitment function wherever you need it most.

3. Your Organization is Expanding to New Regions

If your organization is expanding its global footprint with a new branch or office, you’ll need to secure the top talent in the local region. This requires expertise in things like language, regulations, cultural differences, and the other nuances that go into hiring people abroad.

RPO experts provide you with deep multiregional knowledge to expand your global reach and recruiting efforts. They’ll help you understand all the norms, practices, and traditions of the local area to help your employee brand stand out in a new labor market.

4. Niche Skill Gaps Are Hard to Fill

As the talent shortage continues, organizations across all industries are facing difficulties finding qualified candidates with specialized skills. This is especially true when it comes to filling niche skill gaps for highly competitive positions, such as data scientists or IT engineers.

Not only do RPO partners connect you to a network of skilled professionals, but they also provide industry-specific knowledge that will help you attract and retain top talent for any position or skill set.

5. You Need to Cut Costs While Staying Agile and Competitive

As agency and recruitment costs add up, companies are continually looking for ways to reduce spending while maximizing efficiency. However, they often still rely on reactive recruiting, which can become a costly cycle of poor hiring decisions, followed by low retention and a sudden demand.

RPO reduces the need for external agencies, delivering high-quality talent that lasts. With a keen understanding of your company culture and values, RPO providers ensure that every candidate is a perfect match for your organization. On top of that, they’ll help you assess the competition, current market, recruitment costs, and much more to help you make the best decisions for long-term growth.

Are You Considering an RPO Partner?

Envision is a global leader in RPO solutions, providing flexible talent acquisition services for all manner of industry-specific hiring needs. Whether you need end-to-end support or a trusted consultant, we can help you elevate your strategy and build a proactive pipeline for top candidates.

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