On-Demand & Project RPO

Envision’s flexible talent acquisition solutions are designed for a wide range of hiring needs, from long-term recruiting processes to urgent, short-term staffing initiatives. Whether you need a dynamic recruiting strategy that adapts to fluctuating demands or you’re seeking the right talent for an upcoming project or expansion, Envision’s talent acquisition team has the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

When you partner with us for on-demand or project-based recruitment process outsourcing, we help you:

  • Enhance workforce planning
  • Eliminate hiring backlogs
  • Minimize reliance on third-party agencies
  • Secure quality talent
  • Maintain compliant hiring practices
  • Reduce time-to-hire

What is Project RPO?

Project recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is an excellent solution for companies that want additional support for specific hiring projects while still maintaining their internal talent acquisition team.

In contrast to a continuous end-to-end recruiting solution, the project RPO model has a set timeframe. During this period, Envision handles the entire recruiting process for the initiative, increasing efficiency to hire quality talent, fast.

As your dedicated RPO partner, Envision will work with you to identify your talent needs, determine the project timeline, and develop a recruiting strategy to deliver the best talent. Our team of RPO experts manage the hiring process for you, ensuring excellent candidates every time.

Is Project RPO Right for You?

While project RPO is the perfect solution for some, every business has unique hiring needs. In general, project-based recruiting is ideal for companies that have a functioning internal acquisition team but need help with an upcoming initiative in the short term. These hiring needs can include situations such as:

  • Mergers and ecquisitions
  • Company expansions
  • Expected growth
  • Changing talent demans

Project RPO can also be a great way to test-drive an RPO provider if you’re looking to offload more of your recruitment function responsibilities.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not a project-based recruitment solution is right for your business will depend on a variety of factors. What are your current recruitment capabilities? How much support do you need? When is the deadline to hire? Answering these questions will help you identify where an RPO firm can offer assistance.

What is On-Demand RPO?

On-demand RPO services help your business tackle seasonal or volatile hiring needs quickly, adapting to fluctuations in demand to ensure you have the right talent when you need it most.

Similar to project-based RPO, on-demand services have a designated timeline for your company’s hiring initiatives. Envision works fast to secure the right talent for your positions while maintaining high standards in quality to ensure that each candidate delivered exceeds your expectations.

When you work with Envision on an on-demand basis, you get instant access to a team of recruiting experts who know your company in and out — including its messaging, values, and processes. This ongoing synergy maximizes our effectiveness, ensuring that we consistently meet your changing hiring needs.

Is On-Demand RPO Right for You?

If you’re looking to hire top talent for specialized positions in a short amount of time, on-demand RPO might be ideal for your business. This flexible solution adapts to your varying hiring needs throughout the year.

Let’s say your company gains several new contracts; suddenly you need to rapidly onboard new talent. Envision’s on-demand RPO solution immediately takes action to identify your needs and start hiring as soon as possible. Our recruiting experts have extensive knowledge of multiple industries, regions, and specialized projects, ensuring that we find the best talent for your short-term initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for full-lifecycle management or recruitment as needed, Envision’s RPO service offerings are highly flexible to meet your unique hiring objectives.

The Benefits of On-Demand and Project RPO

Envision’s on-demand and project RPO services offer critical recruiting support for your urgent hiring needs. We take on the responsibility for part or all of your recruiting process, enabling your business to:

Scale with Demand

Envision’s flexible RPO services adapt to your dynamic needs, whether that means staffing for an upcoming expansion or hiring high-quality talent to meet sudden demand.

Reduce Costs

Traditional recruitment can be expensive, especially for new projects and changing demand. Envision’s RPO services enable you to save money on agency expenses and inefficient processes.

Quickly Hire Quality Talent

Our on-demand and project-based RPO solutions provide lightning-fast turnaround for your hiring needs – all while maintaining best practices.

Lighten the Load

If your company opens a new department or discovers a talent gap, Envision can take on this extra work to help your internal talent acquisition team.

Minimize Turnover

While your hiring needs might be short-term, your hires shouldn’t always be. Envision thoroughly evaluates each candidate for skills, knowledge, and personality to ensure they will fit in with your company and exceed performance expectations.

Envision’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

When you choose Envision as your RPO partner, we get to work immediately to understand your business, the talent you need, and your current recruitment strategies. During the discovery stage, we get to know your company to fully understand the culture and what it means to work for you. Our talent strategy doesn’t just find you the most qualified candidates, it finds the best matches for your internal team.

From talent advisory to full-cycle recruitment, Envision’s RPO services offer highly flexible, scalable options for any business:

End-to-End RPO Services

covers your entire recruitment function, from sourcing and assessing to interviewing and negotiating offers.

Project & On-Demand RPO

support companies by managing the recruitment process for specific projects and initiatives.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

provides you with expert advisors to help you enhance your current strategies for long-term success.

The Latest RPO Insights

Learn from the talent acquisition experts and stay up-to-date on the latest recruitment trends. Our digital library of articles containing in-depth industry knowledge, advice, and information to help you understand today’s talent landscape.

Elevate Your Recruitment Process With Envision

At Envision, our RPO experts are experienced in a wide variety of projects and other short-term hiring initiatives. Whether you’re looking to hire specialized talent for a new product launch or service offering, or you have a seasonal spike in demand, Envision has flexible talent acquisition solutions for you.

To learn more about what Envision’s RPO services can do for your company, contact us today.