Talent Acquisition Strategy


Developing a Global Talent Acquisition Strategy

March 2, 2023

The last three years have seen unprecedented disruptions in both how and where we work. From the ongoing public health crisis to labor shortages and economic hardship, employers have had to face numerous challenges to secure the talent they need. Remote and hybrid work arrangements have been a key part of many organizations’ plans to overcome these difficulties, providing a competitive hiring advantage.

The ability to hire top talent from anywhere in the world has been a great asset to companies, allowing them to fill niche skill gaps, attract more qualified candidates, and expand their teams to the international level. But how can organizations develop a global talent acquisition strategy that secures the best talent for their essential positions?

What is Global Talent Acquisition?

The process of talent acquisition involves sourcing, assessing, and securing the right candidates to develop or expand your highly skilled workforce. It starts with long-term strategizing to fine-tune your employer branding, enhance the candidate experience, and plan out your talent needs in advance.

Global talent acquisition takes this process a step further by clearly defining your recruitment goals and strategies to attract the right talent from different countries. For foreign markets, a successful strategy involves careful research and planning to ensure your employer brand appeals to foreign job seekers.

4 Tips for Going Global With Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Whether you’re expanding into a new region or building out a diverse remote team, here are four tips to help you maximize your hiring success on the international stage:

1. Understand Regional Job Markets and Work Attitudes

The first thing you must do before launching a global hiring initiative is research, as labor laws and candidate sentiments vary widely between regions. In addition to understanding the local language, employment laws, and labor market, you’ll also need insight into the unique culture, traditions, social norms, and employee attitudes that influence candidate decisions. For instance, you don’t want to accidentally offend someone during an interview or alienate candidates with an offer that doesn’t meet the general expectations of that country’s workforce.

2. Tailor Your Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand

Once you have a basic understanding of your target region, its customs, and culture, you’ll need to start thinking about how you should attract and engage potential employees. Your talent acquisition content (i.e., the job posts and position descriptions that make up your employer brand) should provide information that’s specifically tailored to the local region and labor market, and it also needs to be consistent with your corporate image and messaging. Similarly, you should also adapt your employer value proposition to regional expectations.

3. Optimize Your Outreach and Engagement

To accommodate varying labor markets, you’ll need a dynamic outreach strategy that’s localized for each region. Pay attention to how top candidates search for jobs. For instance, in some areas, it might be normal for job seekers to work with agencies, while other markets may rely more on social media and network connections. By basing your outreach and engagement strategies on local preferences, you’ll be able to tap into talent pools you’d otherwise miss, giving you access to highly qualified candidates for your global team.

4. Offer Relocation Assistance to Accommodate Time Zones and Talent Supply

While remote work can be done from anywhere in the world, it might be essential for employees to remain in the same timezone as the organization. On the other hand, the local talent supply might lack the workforce you need for highly specialized skills like software engineers. Whatever the case may be, a relocation package can help you attract and retain the perfect matches for critical positions. Keep in mind that asking someone to move countries is a big deal and different people have different needs, so your package should be personalized without being unfair to current employees.

How Global Talent Acquisition Benefits From RPO

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